Beth's Coaching Client Testimonials

"(We) Couldn't ask for anything more - Beth is attentive, gives our calls a custom, personal touch, understands our market and market center situation and has made our whole team effort better because of her talents."

"Beth has an incredible knowledge (of Top Producer) and ability to train!"

"I have had several coaches and you, without a doubt, are the best that I’ve had. One of the things that impressed me was the quality of questions that you asked me. You always made me think and search for the answers that would help me in any given situation."

"thanks for your continuous help"

"I enjoyed our call today and learning more about the intake process. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to work with us for over our hour"

"Beth is a fantastic coach!!!"

Testimonials from the course "Your Business is your Database"

“Beth is very patient…this class was very helpful for someone who is a novice to computer programs”  
“Great Material, Well taught…..”
“I learned SO much….the “Dots” were connected!  Beth was an excellent teacher and obviously knowledgeable both about Top Producer and real estate”
“Great Delivery”
“Very helpful and applicable. I learned so much and feel it will be easily implemented. Beth was a wonderful trainer and stayed on target (awesome)! You have a great presence-keep smiling!”

Testimonials from Business Planning Workshop

“Beth paces the class well, answers questions w/ease and makes things easy to grasp”

“I learned about breaking down the number which was a lot of help…it’s not as daunting when its broken down”

“Everything is laid out in the open and ready to use.  I like the brainstorming times and I am motivated by others”

“This subject is at the very core of your business! I think every team in here will do a better job next year because of attending this course”

“Beth is very professional and personable, smart and has an easy teaching style”

“This class has given me the focus to achieve my big WHY”

“Really lets you see what you need to do and what it really will take”

“Very practical class…Should have taken it before I started in this business!”:

Terry and Alice Sanderson

Thank you so much for everything you did to get our house SOLD!  I appreciated your encouragement and advice.  You put a lot of time and effort into the selling process.

Susan Curlee

It is such a pleasure to meet people who are passionate about what they do, and you are the best real estate agent I have ever worked with.

Virginia Hedges

I believe that Beth possesses an intuitive sense of the unspoken needs of her clients.