Dianne Christian (Formerly with Sharon Langford and Associates)

I felt that I was at the top of my game with my former company.  I wanted to learn from the best . . people who had achieved far, far more than anyone in my former company had achieved.  Simply stated, I wanted to learn from people/agents who were much better than me.  I have compared it to playing a sport.  In order to improve one's game, wouldn't you want to play with someone better than you in order to improve?  That was my primary reason for joining Keller Williams. 

Once I was with Keller Williams, I quickly discovered that the company, the culture, the people associated with the company, were all beyond and better than anything I could have every imagined.  It is a different mindset/philosophy of the typical real estate company.  It is one that will change your life in ways that one could never imagine.  It is far-reaching.  It is exciting; it is rewarding; it is phenomenal.

Keller Williams Realty


Ross Rylance, (Formerly with Fridrich and Clark)

Dear Keller Williams:  

From the moment that I walked in the door and was greeted by Michelle, I knew that I had come to a special place to work.  The staff, and office was buzzing with activity.  But even in the thick of battle everyone took a minute to great me and make me feel very welcome. After joining the company and coming to work full time, I was given opportunity by everyone in the Market Center to learn, educate and understand this career. No one was too busy to answer a question from the "new guy".    

I was given the feeling that through community we all can have a better job and life.  The core values of the company are refreshing and new, they instill a sense of awareness, productivity and compassion.  I have found a company that I expect to be with until I retire, which is a very long time from now! Thank you Keller Williams.   

Ross Rylance, REALTOR®


I am so glad I came to Keller Williams a year ago. Those that were already on board kept telling me what a good decision I had made. I thought it was more of a patronizing type of greeting, but I soon came to feel and know that it was sincere.   

I had interviewed with several brokers and just did not find what I was looking for. They were more patronizing during the interviews. Some I did not feel at all comfortable with the answers that were given, in fact some just didn’t even feel believable. Others dodged sensitive questions. Keller Williams was very straightforward and didn’t hesitate to tell it like it was which was good. Elizabeth Raines interviewed me and one of the very first things she let me know was GOD was an important part of the culture... Family life has always been a high priority for me and I have strived to keep that properly allotted in my life. KW encourages that which was the turning point in making the decision to join KW.  

The education from KW is second to none.  The confidence I received and continue to absorb through the series of KW classes was wonderful. It helps so much that you know what you are doing when you are handling clients.

The atmosphere created by the KW culture is wonderful.  Everyone, EVERYONE is helpful and truly wants all the agents to succeed as they know we are the best and want to keep it that way.



OK, I will get off my soap box, but wanted to say thank you and let you know how I feel about our company! I am enjoying being one of the best! 

All the best,

Jim Walton