This course can be taught as either a one or two day hands on workshop and can be customized for your specific needs. It is must for both single agents and administrative assistantsContact Beth for more details.

By the end of the day you will learn:

  • What information to add to the database and the best fields to put it in
  • Account settings and simple tricks that will speed up your daily workflow
  • The BEST method for organizing your contacts and a list of recommended contact types that you can use NOW.
  • How to search and sort your contacts in any way that you choose
  • QUICKLY Customize a follow up plan for both buyers and sellers and make it go while you sleep
  • Tracking mechanisms to see who you're contacting and who you're not
  • A SIMPLE method for managing your 12 direct and 33 touch - We'll set it up DURING the class
  • How to set up your TP account to work with you lead providers AND turn on action plans for every lead that comes in
  • Making listings and closings a snap
  • NEW and UPCOMING product enhancments (shhh.....they're top secret)


"Your Business Is Your Database"
Course Details 

Section 1: Setting Up Your Database
     Adding Agent/Team information
     Adding Assistant information
     Importing Data
     Using "Today's Business" and "Home Page"
     Adding and assigning activities to Leads
     Search and sort your database
     Adding additional information to Contact Records

Section 2: Lead Generation - Print Marketing and Consistent Follow-up
     Using Today's Business as your daily dashboard
     Edit the Marketing Library
     Create and send mass mailings
     Create and apply action plans
     Export mailings lists for an outside mailing company
     Schedule appointments and to-do reminders
     Track completed activities and update contact records

Section 3: Lead Generation - Email and internet Marketing
     Setup the Top Producer Email Manager
     Navigate the Email Manager
     Create and edit email Marketing Templates
     Add Marketing Links to outgoing email
     Send mass emails to targeted groups
     Create and use 8x8 email marketing campaigns
     Create and use automated email drip campaigns

Section 4: "FAST" - Funneling, Assigning, Sourcing and Tracking Leads
     Using the Leads Manager to organize new Leads
     Create and use customized Website Forms
     Funnel website Leads into the Leads Manager
     Funnel email Leads into the Leads Manager
     Assign new Leads to other Team Members
     Apply the Lead Source to new Leads
     Use the Referral Manager to track referral business
     Track Leads by Source and Leads to Closed Business

Section 5: Converting Leads - Targeted Buyer Guides and Seller Guides
     Create a Pre-List guide for prospective Sellers, FSBO's and Expired
     Listing Prospects
     Create a Pre-Buy Buyer Guide and Showing Guide for prospective Buyers
     Use your email to promote Buyer and Seller Guides
     Use your Website to promote Buyer and Seller Guides

Section 6: Servicing Listings and Managing Transactions
     Create and maintain a new Listing File
     Complete Listing Activity reminders
     Add Showing Feedback to the Listing File
     Create a website to post Seller Listing Activities and show Feedback
     Create and send Property Flyers
     Create and maintain a Closing File
     Update and close the Referral File

As part of this two day course, we will set up your 8x8, 12 Direct, and 33 touch marketing systems.  Not sure what that means?  Contact me for more info!  


From Your Business is Your Database - Top Producer 8i:

"I have been to 1 other all day course and did not learn half of the knowledge on how to actually USE this software as I did today"

"Very, very helpful and applicable. I learned so much and feel it will be easily implemented.  Beth was a wonderful trainer and stayed on target.  She has a great presence!"