Based on the bestselling book "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent”, the full day Business Planning Workshop is a must for every agent.  In this course, we will walk through the four models of the Millionaire Business Plan.
  1. The Economic Model
  2. The Lead Generation Model
  3. The Financial Model
  4. The Organizational  Model

We begin with understanding your BIG WHY – that thing in your life that makes you get up every day and do what you do. Based on your WHY, you’ll determine your income goals.  From here, we’ll work the numbers backwards to show you EXACTLY what activities you will need to do to generate the number of appointments needed to achieve your goal.

We’ll examine your key numbers and discover how they interact and shape your business plan, including:

  • Your net income goal
  • Your Cost of Sales
  • Your Expenses
  • Your Gross Commission Income
  • Your Average Sales price for buyers and sellers
  • Your Average Commission rates
  • Your Conversion rates for # of Listings/Buyers taken vs. # of Listings/Buyers closed
  • Your Conversion rates for # of Listings/Buyer appointments held to # of Listings/Buyers Taken

We will break down these numbers into step-by-step formulas so that when you leave, you’ll know EXACTLY how many appointments you must go on to achieve your goals.

From here, we look at your Lead Generation Model and determine just how many contacts you need to market to in your Met and Haven’t Met database to generate the number of leads you’ll need to generate the number of appointments that will fulfill your financial goal. You will set up your 8x8, 12 direct, and 33 touch plans and determine what your lead generation program will cost.

We discuss the progression of the Millionaire Real Estate team, the hiring order and determine WHO and WHEN you should hire.

Contact Beth to schedule this course in your area. 


"Great job breaking down what could be very overwhelming material!  Everything seems attainable now."

"Clear, to the point, helpful information. Beth was able to address every question and concern."

"Beth makes a dry subject juicy with information and expectation."